Pocket PC SQL Manager

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Pocket PC Sql Manager is a Remote Database Administration utility which allows you to manage MSSQL Databases from your pocket pc or any smart device. Built entirely using .Net Compact Framework (C#) it serves as yet another example of how powerful this platform is.

Please be patient with all the short comings in the project at this stage (mind you .. it can still do a lot of basic things and can do them very cleanly), but I have a day job + I do contract jobs, so the project is what I enjoy doing in my free time, which is obviously far less than something like this would need to become something which I have thought of.. But I believe it will reach its destiny :)

This web site is the result of 2hrs work I spend to make a web presence for this little baby; I will try to make it better and more useful as time permits.

To see how to use this application directly jump to Screenshots / User Guide link.

The idea of doing your work without being tied to the terminal is quite appealing and with all these (smart) devices rolling out in the market the question is why should one be?

I bought this new gadget ipaq 3760 (I know its not very happening compared to the other beauties out there, but it does manage to keep me entertained when I need it).

PocketSqlMan was planned when out of the blue I needed to access my Sql server while not at office even with all these high tech gadgets that I carry along I was bound to look for an access point (shame), that’s when I got to an idea of creating an application which will help me (and hopefully a lot more souls out there).

Anyways, this application has started to take shape so let’s see where I can take it (but I would really appreciate if a couple of ppl. can join me in this project).